Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What Makes Dinner So Special?

I thought you might enjoy a poem I wrote yesterday about what makes dinner so special at our house. I wrote this poem to enter a Mother's Day Contest that Focus on the Family is having. Let me know what makes dinner so special at your house.

What makes dinner special
For our family of seven?
Visit me in my kitchen
And an answer I'll be givin'.

Our meals are made from scratch
Mostly from food we've grown.
They're cooked on my white gas stove
In our century-old home.

Our fare is pretty basic
To call it gourmet, I would not.
But it's made with lots of love
And served up nice and hot.

Daddy joins us for dinner
And over our meal he prays.
Then we dig in with gusto
And talk about our day.

My girls say my food's a "keeper"
They usually clean their plates
My husband loves my cooking
And rarely has any complaints.

Some meals are eaten quickly,
At others, we linger long.
In summer, we dine al fresco
Serenaded by the bird's song.

Holidays are really special.
Everything looks pretty and nice
With the linens, china and candles
And food cooked with extra spice.

When someday my table is empty
'Cause my girls have their own homes
I hope they'll remember our dinners
Where bodies and hearts were grown.

So, what is it, really
That's so special about our dinners?
Nothing too fine or fancy
It's just that we're TOGETHER.

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