Friday, May 14, 2010

The blessing of chaos

Tomorrow, in the morning, I will begin a task which I absolutely despise. I will be getting out the summer clothes and putting away all the winter clothes for my five darling princesses. I despise this job for a couple of reasons. First of all, before it can all be put away, it must be gotten out. The getting out involves carrying down many boxes and plastic bins full of clothes from the attic. The getting out creates major clutter and chaos. I can't think when there's clutter and chaos. It discourages me and I don't feel like doing anything to make it go away (until I just can't stand it anymore and then go on a rampage to clean it up). Secondly, I usually have to do this job by myself, along with everything else I normally have to do. It takes such a long time (more than a week sometimes) to have the princesses try things on, decide if it fits or not, decide if it needs to be gotten rid of, and sort all the winter clothes into sizes and put them in the appropriately marked bin or box. Thirdly, even though my house looks large (and it is), the bedroom where this event will take place is small. I tend to be a little claustrophobic, so small bedroom + piles of clothes everywhere = me feeling a little frenetic.

I have been feeling a little convicted about this "bad attitude" of mine concerning this job. Two things should help to change that attitude. One, my dear mother-in-love is coming to help me. She did this once before and it went so quickly. The major part of the task was finished in a day. The second is this: I didn't buy any of these clothes. I have dear friends in the neighborhood, friends at church, and family members who give me bags of clothes for my children. Most of these clothes have been worn by one, maybe two, kids so they're in great shape. I could not afford to buy clothes like these for my girls. I'm talking everything from winter boots, coats, dress shoes, sneakers, sandals, bathing suits, socks, shirts, pants, sweaters, shorts, dresses . . . the list could go on.

God has so abundantly blessed our family in this way that I sometimes wonder how I would dare to complain that I have to do this job. Seems like I need a major attitude adjustment, especially when there are so many others around the world who only have one set of clothing. So, this spring, as I pull out the summer clothes and fold and put winter ones away, I'm going to work on my attitude. I'm going to look at this task as an opportunity for worship. I'm going to thank God for His faithfulness in providing for all of our needs. I'm going to thank Him for the dear friends and family who bless me in this way. I'm going to ask Him to pour out blessings a hundred fold on those dear people for their generosity to me. I'm going to thank Him that my dear mother-in-love was willing to come help me. I'm going to thank Him for the five beautiful, healthy girls that wear these clothes. I'm going to have a great time visiting with my mother-in-love.

Could it be that tomorrow's dreaded task will turn into a joyful one? Probably will, but only if I choose to let it. I think tomorrow might just be a great day.

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