Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Wedding Vows

When Vic and I got married, I wanted us to write our own wedding vows to each other so I composed a poem. I thought you might enjoy reading it.

Victor Dale, I love you,
So much more than you can know.
Our wedding day is finally here;
God planned this long ago.

God, in His own great wisdom,
Looked down from heaven above;
He knew that I would need you
To teach me how to love.

And so one August evening,
He had you make a call
To my apartment here at Keswick,
And that began it all.

Through hours of conversation,
I came to know your mind;
I found your heart was honest,
Loving, generous and kind.

God's Spirit moved within us;
To each other, we grew dear.
We sensed His gentle guidance;
In His time, He made it clear.

Love shared as wife and husband
Is His plan for you and me.
His plan brings hope and a future,
Will protect us, bring prosperity.

So here I stand before you,
Friends and family gathered 'round;
I make this solemn promise;
Then, to you, for life I'm bound.

I take you as my husband;
All others I leave behind.
A truer friend and lover
Than you, I could never find.

I'll have you and I'll hold you,
In sickness and in health,
Through good times and through bad times,
Through povety or wealth.

Ask me not to ever leave you -
I'll not turn and walk away.
I'll live with you all my life
And by your side, I'll stay.

Your family will be my family
And mine will be yours too.
God gave us to each other;
To Him, we will be true.

I know we'll be together
Even when this life is through.
May God deal with me severely
If naught but death parts me from you.

When others view our marriage,
I pray that they will see
That we love one another
And, in Christ, have unity.

For then, we will accomplish
God's plan for you and me;
Letting others know God loves them
And has died to set them free.

May we know His greatest happiness
As we lead souls to Christ.
May God use us for His glory
As we walk as one through life.

As few years after we were married, I sent the poem and one of our wedding invitations to an artist and she created a piece of art for me. I gave it to Vic on one of our early anniversaries. Which I could remember which one.

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