Monday, February 15, 2010

My children, all 5 of them, had the chicken pox last week. Lest you wonder how all 5 came down with them at the same time, I must confess . . . it was done on purpose. Yes, you read correctly. I purposely infected my children with chicken pox. As per my doctor's advice ("I'd rather your kids get the chicken pox then get the vaccine"), I found someone who had the chicken pox and called and asked, "Will you share your germs with us?" She was only too happy to oblige, so a few weeks ago, we went to her house, her son tasted lollipops for each of the girls and then the girls ate the lollipops. On Super Bowl Sunday, I noticed tiny red spots. Sure enough, there they were. Belle had the worst case, especially on her face. Ella, Snow White, and Aurora had plenty. Princess Pudge got off the easiest, but still had enough. The girls spent last week laying around, watching movies, eating Jello, instant pudding, Popsicles, ice cream and drinking ginger ale. By Friday, they were feeling better and by Saturday they were squabbling again so I knew that they were better. Right now they're in the scabby stage. In about two more weeks, you'll never know they had them.

So how did I fare last week? The entire week was spent giving all my attention to the patients, helping to ease the itching and uncomfortableness. The house was completely neglected and that was OK. However, now I am playing serious catch-up. I will say this: I'll take 5 children with chicken pox over 5 children with whooping cough (which we had last summer) any day. I can now rest easy knowing that they're immune for life from the chicken pox.

When my kids don't squabble, I know they're not feeling well. This morning I asked my Handsome Prince if there was some disease we could infect them with so that they'd be sick again and not fight. Said in jest, of course, but the quiet last week was wonderful.

We started school again today. I decided that since they were well enough to do school and well enough to fight, they were strong enough to work. If they're quarreling, they must be bored with nothing better to do, so I put all that pent up energy to good use. Belle deep-cleaned the hallway bookshelf that houses games and puzzles. Snow White and Aurora cleaned the baker's rack in the kitchen for me. I need to pull out my spring cleaning list and see what other jobs I can get them to do for me. It'll keep them occupied and maybe the sibling discord will disappear for a while without them having to be sick again. One can only hope.

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  1. If you run out of stuff send them over here! :) We can always use the help! Glad to hear they are feeling better!