Sunday, November 28, 2010


My mother-in-love is married to a wonderful man. He had colon cancer right before they got married almost 10 years ago. Just this past summer, we found out that the cancer had returned and spread to the liver. The first round of chemo seemed to be shrinking the tumors, but after the second round, it was discovered that they were growing. The week of Thanksgiving something happened and he began to lose his ability to speak properly (sort of like a stroke victim). Our family traveled home on Thanksgiving Day and were able to see him and visit. On Friday, he made the decision not to seek any more treatment for his cancer. He is in hospice care at his home. As of this morning (11/28/10) he was unable to get out of bed. He is dying and it's going more quickly than any of us expected.

He is not afraid to die. He knows he is going to be with Jesus when he breathes his last breath here on earth. However, I know he would love more time here on earth with his wife and family. They only had a few short years together. His grandson is getting married in May. All reasons for wanting to stay here.

As you can probably tell, I process by writing. As I was thinking about how quickly he is passing, the Lord gave me this poem yesterday. I shared it at church this morning at our Thanksgiving testimony service.


Thankful for my "family"
At the corner of Engler and 41
Thankful for the bond we share
Through Jesus Christ, the Son

Thankful for your heartfelt prayers
For a couple you hardly know
Thankful for this body of Christ
That supports each other so

Thankful for the comfort that comes
From knowing that you prayed
Thankful Jesus rose again
Of death we needn't be afraid

Thankful that neither death nor life
Nor anything else in all the world
Is able to separate us from the love of God
That is in Jesus Christ our Lord

Thankful to boldly come to the Throne
And receive grace in our time of need
Thankful for the Spirit of God
Who comforts us in our grief

Thankful when Howard breathes his last
He'll finally be "safely home"
Thankful for God's promise that Mavis
Will never be alone

Thankful for the peace that comes
From knowing where he'll be
Thankful he'll be completely healed
Enjoying eternity

Thankful for we know that our
Goodbyes are not the end
Thankful for the hope we have
Of being together again

Thankful one day the trumpet will sound
Together we'll meet in the air
Thankful to be reunited at last
Forever to be with God there

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