Friday, October 1, 2010

A Prayer at Summer's End

As I was cleaning out my "teacher" files, I came across this poem. ENJOY!

A Prayer At Summer's End
(A Farm Wife's Litany)

By Ruby Jones

For fruit warm ripe in summer's sun,
For love and work and wholesome fun,
For raindrops on the windowpanes,
For walks down grassy country lanes,
For sunshine bright,
For moonlight's glow,
For cornstalks marching row on row,
For baby pigs, for laughter gay,
For fragrant smell fo new-mown hay,
For food and music, birdsongs sweet,
For restful, healing nighttime sleep,
For home with its familiar joys,
For carefree shouts of girls and boys,
For safe returns, for loving care,
For all the bliss of answered prayer,
For dancing stars, for firelight's glean,
Fulfillment of a cherished dream,
For books and friends, a faith that sings,
For happiness homecoming brings,
For hope renewed, for courage born,
For breathless hush of early morn,
For this--a blessed interlude--
Dear God, accept my gratitude.

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